What are the tasks of an HR manager?

min Published on 02 July 2020

The digitization of today’s job market and work environments

Not only is the ongoing digitization of everyday and personal activities a presence in our daily lives – digitization also penetrated the world of business quite some time ago and is no longer limited to global conglomerates. Even to small and medium-sized companies, the so-called Industry 4.0 offers an increasing number of opportunities and options.

However, how does this affect parts of the working world that are associated with human attributes such as people skills, intercultural awareness or basic social competency – the field of human resources management?

As evident from the “HR Strategy & Organisation 2017” study conducted by the German Human Resource Management Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung e.V.) in cooperation with a human resources and management consulting firm in 2017, the digitization of human resources management is still not a permanent fixture in the HR strategy of 80% of the more than 300 human resources managers interviewed.

What is the reason for this?

Is it necessary or actually even possible to digitize these departments?  


The top 10 responsibilities of an HR manager

Many small and medium-sized companies have reservations about the digitization of the human resources management departments. The question is, what are the exact assignments an HR manager is required to handle that should possibly be digitized?

We have compiled an overview of the 10 most important responsibilities of an HR manager for you below:

  • Manpower requirements budget: The current headcount is reconciled with the manpower forecast and if there is a discrepancy, it is used as the foundation for staff increase or decrease decisions.
  • Staff recruitment: The procurement of manpower required by the company based on qualitative, quantitative, timing and geographic aspect.
  • Staff assignment: The work to be done is allocated to employees based on quantitative and qualitative aspects.
  • Staff development: Supporting employees in their professional and personal development efforts is an increasingly important part of staff management and also makes a significant contribution to the long-term loyalty of top performers and competency holders vis-à-vis the company.
  • Release of employees: In most cases, this term refers to individual staff decisions aiming at the termination of employment relationships. Prior to terminating the employee, the search for an alternative assignment for the staff member may have to be considered.

All of the tasks listed above ensure that the perfect number of staff members with the proper qualifications and know-how are at the right place within the company at the right time.

Other important duties human resources experts are directly responsible for include:

  • Payroll management: Determination of wages or salaries that are fair for both parties based on the work the employees perform. In addition, bonuses for achievements or capital stakes as well as benefits have to be taken into account.
  • People management: In most cases, human resource management handles only part of these responsibilities. These tasks are, for the most part, information related obligations, for instance frequently the management of time records and absence logs.
  • Human resources support: This diverse discipline comprises, for instance, provisions related to the General Equal Opportunity Act, reintegration meetings with returning employees and management of their reintegration, onboarding process and offboarding or support after mobbing incidents.

These three disciplines aim at maintaining and, if necessary, boosting the performance, motivation and morale among employees.

The following are also part of the responsibilities of an HR Manager:

  • Employee evaluations: Staff members frequently need letters of recommendation, interim letters of recommendation or exit evaluation letters. The required information is provided by the executives in the company and compiled as requested by HR Managers.
  • Human resources administration: The initial set-up and updating of personnel files as well as administrative activities, such as payroll management, are among the ongoing responsibilities of people management.

The latter two HR management responsibilities require the processing of larger data volumes in a specifically created or dedicated HRIS.


HR software: A practical complement to HR management – or more work for your HR managers?

People are an important – ideally – the most important resource for a company. Hence, the responsibility of HR management is nothing less than administer, supporting, motivating and satisfying this resource.

This task should not be underestimated – neither in terms of the key role it plays, nor as far as the time investment it requires are concerned.

It is in the interest of every company to ideally equip and support his human resources management.

This can be achieved by choosing a carefully selected HRIS.

It cannot and should not be a substitute for any of the above responsibilities; however, good software can save a significant amount of time. Ideally, it can handle some assignments automatically.

An interview with a job candidate should never be conducted without an HR manager, department head or team leader. Nevertheless, it is possible to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks considerably, which will free up HR managers to dedicate the time saved to other tasks.

KiwiHR by Tellent was designed to assist HR management with much of its work and to save time. Reap its benefits as you handle important matters thanks to absence management software, the creation of employee database, or the management of important appointments or deadlines from our simple user interface.

KiwiHR by Tellent is a software available for any end device at a budget price.

You will find all employee information in a single HR system, without ever having to create a single Excel file or searching through your archive. KiwiHR by Tellent will help you take the first step towards the digitization of your people management by allowing you to automate and optimize part of your payroll, staff management and employee support as well as human resources administration processes, which will have a direct impact on employee evaluations.


It is our mission to digitize small and medium-sized companies’ people management with an affordable tool – KiwiHR by Tellent. Usability and the facilitation of your human resources management processes are our top priorities.

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