Time and attendance

Time and attendance system everyone will love

Save time and avoid errors with time tracking that works for everyone. Enable employees to easily track their hours worked and give them free access to their worked hours and overtime balance.


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End the timesheet nightmare

Swap incomplete spreadsheets for real-time attendance tracking that's so easy to use, no training is required, and everyone will actually love using it

✓ Record time and breaks on the go with mobile time tracking
✓ Add notes and time logs to a project and get daily activity insights
✓ Give staff free access to their current attendance and overtime balances 24/7
✓ Timesheet validation allow you to keep track of times and thus comply with legal requirements at all times.

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Attendance tracking that meets your needs

Keep track of your employees' working hours effortlessly from wherever they are, whatever your rules are, and comply with time tracking regulations

✓ Adapt work schedules to your own needs on the fly at once
✓ Overtime, public holidays, sickness and more automatically added
✓ Go fully automated with pre-filled timesheets

Your new dream attendance board

Our attendance dashboard is a dream come true. Thanks to our transparent overview, you can track attendance in real time.

✓ See who's clocked in, remote, absent, or on training at a glance
✓ Provide managers and staff an accurate attendance overview
✓ Keep all attendance records organized and accessible in one place

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More than productivity insights

Increase data quality and enhance communication between HR and payroll, or simply improve your company's work-life balance

✓ Export attendance records in one click, share them, and ensure a timely month closure
✓ Get productivity and activity insights with project time tracking
✓ Spot presenteeism, absenteeism or burnout before it's too late

Time and attendance software designed to meet your needs

You can start streamlining your company's time and attendance management with our easy to use HR software. Your employees will enjoy using it and you will love the increased data accuracy!

  • Easy and fast time and attendance tracking
  • Customisable work schedules
  • On-the-go time tracking for mobile devices
  • Automatic working time entries
  • Automatic overtime calculation
  • Automatic break time calculation
  • Transparent attendance dashboard
  • Timesheets export for flawless payroll
  • Timesheet and overtime balances on payroll
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can employees track their time?

Employees can track their time in a variety of ways with kiwiHR. They can enter their working hours manually on their timesheets or quickly clock in directly from the dashboard accessible from all devices, including mobile.

Can I track my time on mobile?

Yes, you can track time and breaks using your mobile with the online time clock accessible on the dashboard or by entering it manually on the global + button visible everywhere across the app. Alternatively, employees can save the work when autofill timesheets are enabled, meaning timesheets will be automatically filled up based on their regular work schedule.

Can my employees track the time they spend on projects? Do you provide any reports?

Yes, employees can allocate their time logs to any given project. Along with offering project time tracking, kiwiHR automatically generates reports that can be easily exported and shared.

Can managers oversee employees' activities daily?

Along with project time tracking employees are also given the choice to add notes along with their time logs, both of which allow managers to get a quick overview using the company timeboard. This is the place where managers can get a detailed overview of how employees are spending their work time.

Does kiwiHR provide a daily attendance summary?

Yes, using the company timeboard managers can get a quick overview of their company's daily activities including who's clocked in, who's working remotely and who's absent whether it's sickness, training or other set leave types.

Is overtime automatically calculated?

You bet we do! When enabled, overtime is calculated automatically. Furthermore, based on your company's needs you can decide to calculate overtime balances on a daily or monthly basis.

Can timesheets be exported?

Sure thing. Timesheets can easily be exported and in multiple ways. Managers can export colleagues' timesheets individually or export their company's attendance records on a given period of time in one click. Employees can also export their individual timesheets.

Who can access employees' timesheets?

At kiwiHR there are multiple access levels including account owners, admins, team managers, and employees. Employees can only access their individual timesheets, while team managers can access their individual timesheets and team members. Only the account owner and admins can access all employees' timesheets.