We guide HR leaders to create a better world of work

We connect people with the technology, knowledge, and partners they need to thrive in their jobs. Accelerating growth from within, we commit to delivering tools that help organizations prosper.


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Talent Management Suite

Tellent is a Talent Management Suite of fast-growing HR technology helping organizations thrive in the ever-changing world.



Our mission

Tellent, the People Growth Collective, is on a mission to unite the fragmented HR tech market and become the go-to place for best-of-breed HR software.


Our vision

By educating, igniting growth, and removing obstacles in tooling and processes, Tellent guides People leaders to create a better world of work.



Our values

At the core, we are people-first; collectively collaborative, reliable and helpful, easy to work with, but fresh and open-minded in our views.

Tellent’s Story


The journey

It's people who drive successful organizations. Creating an employee experience where employees feel seen, heard, and supported enables organizations to thrive. Hiring, engaging, and retaining healthy employees is where business-critical People teams need the most support - instilling purpose, balance, security, and stability.


The challenge

A software supplier is born every three seconds, and there will be thousands of more to choose from in just a year or two. Different price models, onboarding systems, user experiences, and scattered data make it impossible to see how your people are really doing. Some integrated, others not – with so many, it's so messy! While all might be helpful in their own right, they create mayhem that HR professionals need to navigate through.


The alternative

The "one size fits all" solutions no longer fit all. Every organization is unique - with its culture, aspirations, and requirements, whether local, regional, or industry-specific. Trying to fit these in a single HR tool simply results in a jack of all trades and a master of none. You need the best solution that works for you and still fits your people as you grow.


The solution

There's a fork in the road to finding HR tooling: HR leaders can either navigate the 1,000 – 10,000! – solutions themselves; opt for a clumsy "one size fits all" solution; or seek the perfect combination of tooling. The People Growth Collective is here to help. Tellent is the world's first HR collective, conceived by leading HR tech companies to provide the best solutions for every job at hand.


The hero

Tellent is Europe's largest team of employee lifecycle experts. We service organizations from the ground up, providing the right tools at the right time. Tellent is the support you need every step of the way. To date, we've provided solutions for over 6,000 organizations across more than 100 different countries. We're not stopping there: we aim to create the world's largest ecosystem to unite our own brands and best-of-breed partners.


The result

With years of experience and hard-working teams on the ground, Tellent creates and curates easy-to-use connected products that are centered around people, not tech. From Recruitment and CoreHR to employee experience, we ensure that you have the solutions you need for your people to thrive. Unlock your talent, every step of the way.