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Tellent, a talented team of 300+ individuals spread across six global locations, guides over 7,000 companies in 100+ countries to unleash the power of their talent with our industry-leading HR Tech solutions: Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo.


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Recruitee by Tellent

An award-winning Applicant Tracking Software that helps you build a scalable and repeatable hiring process with better results and a stellar candidate experience.

KiwiHR by Tellent

A powerful CoreHR tool that centralizes all your people management processes and employee data, all in one place.

Javelo by Tellent

A Performance Management software that streamlines high-quality reviews and performance conversations, assuring employees’ voices are heard.

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Our story...

Business success can mean a lot. For some, it's about profitability, exponential growth, or sustainability. For others, it's about customer happiness, innovation, productivity.

And success comes in different forms for every business, at every stage, and in every corner of the globe. It's dynamic, ever-challenging, and inspiring. But above all, it's driven by people.

The very same people are the beating heart of any organization. It’s not the product, it's not the services, it’s the tal ent and teams who propel businesses forward.

In today’s dynamic global/European landscape, companies face challenges every step of the way, from old-school ways of working and evolving regulatory and compliance needs to the war for talent. And all this diverts People teams and Leaders from their core mission to manage and develop talent forward.

Tellent is here to empower organizations to succeed by guiding your People teams and Leaders to unleash the power of talent.

We know success can look different for everyone based on your unique challenges and goals. That is why we offer tailored HR technology for different-sized businesses, understanding the market-specific compliances and regulations. Our specialized HR products and customer-first approach enable us to guide businesses toward success by supporting the people who drive them.

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