HR Reports

Data driven decisions with HR reports

Get started with HR analytics using HR reports. Project time tracking, seniority, headcount, and more reports are automatically generated thanks to our streamlined HR software.


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Understand your company's activities and work-life balance

KiwiHR tracks attendance by project so you know which activities make up for most of the time spent. Absence records are also turned into useful usage reports.

✓ Track time spent on projects with project time tracking reports
✓ Spot presenteeism or excessive overtime with attendance reports
✓ See how staff uses each leave type across time with usage reports

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Turn employee data into valuable insights

Know your workforce inside out and start making data-driven decisions that allow you to close gaps in your organization

✓ Let employee data give you a glimpse of your company's diversity
✓ Calculate your workforce’s age to better understand their needs
✓ Share these insights and more in no time with one-click exports

Increase employee retention with informed planning

Stay prepared at every stage of the employee lifecycle and make the necessary adjustments to increase retention and keep your people happy

✓ Be prepared for onboarding and scaling up using new hires reports
✓ Analyse your average seniority and recognize the hard work
✓ Headcount reports help you define if action is required to increase retention

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HR reports to help you make informed decisions

kiwiHR helps you get started with people analytics. By including employee personal information in one system, all standard hr reports are automatically generated to help your small business make smart decisions.

  • Seniority reports
  • Age reports
  • Attendance and absence usage
  • Headcount reports
  • New hires reports
  • Automatically filled
  • Project time tracking reports
  • Missing employee data reports
  • One click exports

Discover how HR reports help you to be a better HR manager

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