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HR costs

Expense management: an all-encompassing guide

Our all-encompassing guide brings everything you need to know to have an effective expense management in your company.

Aude Creveau • 05 Aug 2020

HR processes

What are the tasks of an HR manager?

Know what the top 10 responsibilities of HR Managers are in order to keep your employees on track and happy and your business running.

Aude Creveau • 02 Jul 2020

Employee Management

The objectives of good staff management

Effective staff management is crucial for employee growth, career development, and business success. Learn how to adapt to the changing job market.

Aude Creveau • 03 Jun 2020

Diversity and Inclusion

Understanding the struggle for equal pay in the UK

Explore the concept of equal pay in the UK, its importance, the laws applied and how to make a claim for equal pay in your workplace.

Aude Creveau • 14 May 2020

Employee Management

What is a probation period at work?

Probation period: understand the term, the regulation laws related to it and the steps to implement it successfully in your company.

Aude Creveau • 19 Feb 2020

Data & Analytics

HR reports: how to get started with HR analytics

Enable HR professionals to make data driven decisions and discover how HR reports are the essential key to understanding HR analytics.

Aude Creveau • 15 Jan 2020

Employee Management

The personnel file explained

Personnel file gathers all the important employee information. Learn what to include, how to keep them safe, how you can digitise and manage them in no time.

Aude Creveau • 06 Nov 2019

Employee Management

How to manage overtime in the workplace

Excessive overtime is overlooked by employers despite its harmful effects. Learn how to manage employee overtime in this article.

Aude Creveau • 09 Oct 2019

HR automation

A comprehensive guide to HRIS as a SaaS

A human resource information system (HRIS) offers many benefits to SMEs. Find out what it is, what requirements to consider, costs, and benefits.

Aude Creveau • 14 Aug 2019

Leave management

Leave of absence: what employers should know

Leave of absence is more than just holiday entitlement. Make sure you know the different types of leave of absence and regulations.

Aude Creveau • 17 Jul 2019