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It was a night and day difference compared to the previous software and it made a huge difference in the ease of managing people, documentation, employee information, asset tracking...


Carli Van Heerden

CEO at WeEditPodcasts

It was thanks to Tellent and its ease of use that we were able to easily activate remote work across the company.


Arthur Coiffard

Sales manager at Ubicentrex

We were looking for a simple and efficient tool to manage employee absences. KiwiHR by Tellent captivated us because it is an intuitive web application.


Antoine Sudan

Co-founder, WEDO

The KiwiHR by Tellent application saves us significant time our human resources management. Getting started was very quick.

Léma Sonn

CEO, Lémasonn Consulting

For us, Recruitee by Tellent has added quite a nice feel to the hiring process because it makes it simple, yet it has so many cool features.


‍Oliver Sinclair

Former Recruiter at bunq

The candidate experience has gotten a lot better, the efficiency internally and also the speed in which a candidate can go through the hiring funnel has increased a lot.


Koen Kemper

Corporate Recruiter at Heras

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