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Employee Management

6 things you need to know about time tracking for remote employees

Time tracking remote employees: legal obligations and tools. What is the most effective solution? Get all your questions answered in our complete guide.

Léa M. • 22 Feb 2023

Employee Management

Time tracking for hybrid work: how to set it up?

Time tracking for hybrid work: legal obligations and tracking tools. What is the most effective solution? Learn the answer in our complete guide.

Léa M. • 26 Jan 2023

Employee Management

Job ghosting: When applicants suddenly disappear

What is job ghosting? Why are more and more job applicants ghosting potential employers? Read all the important information here.

Fabian Dürbeck • 29 Nov 2022

Employee Management

Part Time Work: Advantages and disadvantages for employers

Part time jobs are an attractive alternative for people whose life circumstances don't allow them to work full time. Find out more about the benefits.

Isadora De Angeli • 22 Apr 2022

Employee Management

Mindful Leadership - How mindful leadership succeeds

Mindful leadership is a leadership style that can improve the working atmosphere. Leadership expert Carla Lippert answers all the important questions.

Sabrina Fiorin • 10 Mar 2022

Performance management

How organisational development can improve your company's productivity

Organisational development is a new concept that aims to improve business productivity. Click here to understand OD and to know the benefits.

Jazmin Lopez • 09 Apr 2021

Leave management

Everything you need to know about holiday carryover

The process of managing and requesting time off doesn't have to be stressful. Discover how to manage your employees holiday carryover more efficiently.

Jazmin Lopez • 05 Nov 2020

Employee Management

A guide to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? Who needs it, and what are the benefits? Get all the answers to these questions in our complete guide.

Jazmin Lopez • 30 Sep 2020

Employee Management

7 management styles: Which one suits you best?

Which of these 7 management styles will lead to the optimal results? Learn about their pros and cons with this complete guide.

Jazmin Lopez • 09 Sep 2020

Employee Management

The importance of competitive employee benefits

If you've found great employees, you want to keep them. Read on to learn the importance of competitive employee benefits for your business.

Jazmin Lopez • 26 Aug 2020