Employee Engagement

Assess how your employees feel at work

Measure employee satisfaction at scale and get actionable insights into areas where you're thriving and need improvement.


Trusted by over 7000+ ambitious teams, globally:

Visualize the results and quickly identify areas for improvement

Our integrated dashboards display real-time data on survey responses.

Our filters allow you to sort through responses while obtaining trends using sentiment analysis.

Save time exporting and analyzing your internal surveys. Our tool will automatically generate graphs for you to evaluate.


Turn feedback into action with employee surveys.

There are many advantages to conducting regular internal surveys. From generic subjects to highly specific questions: use internal surveys to your team’s benefit.

  • Quick way to measure employees’ satisfaction
  • Identify alert points and priority topics
  • Give your employees the chance to be heard
  • Increase employees’ engagement
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve workplace well-being

"[...] It was important for the Human Resources team to measure team satisfaction and commitment levels, while identifying potential alerts and areas for improvement. Simplon therefore launched its first social barometer on Javelo. The ability to anonymize questions, analyze data and produce aggregated reports in real time enabled Simplon to rapidly deploy the social barometer and retrieve data to which they previously had no access. As a result, the action plans launched are more appropriate and effective."

Murielle Denys

Human Resources Director, Simplon.co

Performance Management System

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