Employee Development

Encourage professional development and upskilling for your employees

Help your talent take ownership over their career growth by creating individual development plans and role expectations.


Trusted by over 7000+ ambitious teams, globally:

Easily create your own employee skills database

Map skills on an organizational and team level

Create an internal database of soft and hard skills you have within the organization and within each team to easily identify development opportunities.


Customize your assessment of professional skills

Assign each employee or team the skills that correspond to them and set up a custom measuring method with a scale system that suits your needs.

Leverage results to help your employees in their professional growth

Visualize and analyze your results and start setting up career development paths for your employees.

Visualize your data.

Interpret your skills database by visualizing the data in graphs and dashboards and easily derive insights from it.

Identify and position your skills and talents.

In just a few clicks, you can find out how many employees possess a rare skill or who has a high-potential profile for a certain role.

Inspire professional growth and development.

Identify the skills your team needs to develop and prioritize training accordingly.

Identify and manage training needs in collaboration with your employees

Document training needs and requests all in one place. Prioritize them and seamlessly pass them on to your HR team.


Organize and track all your training in one place

Get an overview of training needs, evaluate training requests, and make the right decisions together with your employees.

Centralize your training needs.

Keep an up-to-date overview of all ongoing training and development plans in one place and keep track of progress.

Improve follow-ups and internal communication.

Respond quickly to employee training requests by validating or refusing with one click and have employees automatically notified.

Easy export and prioritization.

Prioritize training according to budgets and needs, and export the summary of requests whenever needed.

Compared to what other tools offer, the ease with which training needs can be identified was a real differentiator for Kontron. This clearly tipped the balance in favor of Javelo.

Émilie Martin

Head of Human Resources Department, Kontron

[...] Aside from the simple digitization of interviews, we wanted employees and managers to buy into the project and use the solution as a genuine skills management and career development tool [...] Data analysis now enables us to implement a genuine HR policy that benefits everyone [...].

Céline Ducasse

Chargée de développement RH, OUI CARE

Performance Management System

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