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Leave management

Everything you need to know about holiday carryover

The process of managing and requesting time off doesn't have to be stressful. Discover how to manage your employees holiday carryover more efficiently.

Jazmin Lopez • 05 Nov 2020

Leave management

Understanding payment in lieu of notice (PILON)

PILON happens when a contract is terminated and the employee receives compensation instead of staying the notice period. Learn how to manage it.

Jazmin Lopez • 12 Aug 2020

Leave management

Annual leave management: the essential guide

Efficiently organizing and managing annual leave can be a challenging task. Learn the best tips and tricks to make annual leave management effortless.

Monika Slawinska • 15 Jul 2020

Leave management

Bereavement leave: everything you need to know

Want to learn everything there is to know about bereavement leave? Find out the details about compassionate leave and its legal regulations.

Jazmin Lopez • 04 Mar 2020

Leave management

Love your vacation planner as much as your vacation

Vacation planning for employees can be easy with the right tool. Allow you and your team to easily plan ahead and improve vacation management with Tellent.

Jazmin Lopez • 06 Jan 2020

Leave management

Time off in lieu: everything you need to know

Learn more about Time off in lieu (TOIL), including how it is helpful, common problems, and how to manage it effectively.

Frank Mittag • 16 Oct 2019

Leave management

Absenteeism: how to tackle this workplace threat

Absenteeism: The frequent pattern of absence from work costs the U.K. billions every year. Learn how to manage it effectively in the workplace.

Jazmin Lopez • 31 Jul 2019

Leave management

How a staff leave planner enhances your leave planning

A staff leave planner helps you to prevent staff shortage, increase productivity and better manage your employees and the leave they deserve with ease.

Frank Mittag • 24 Jul 2019

Leave management

Leave of absence: what employers should know

Leave of absence is more than just holiday entitlement. Make sure you know the different types of leave of absence and regulations.

Aude Creveau • 17 Jul 2019