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Performance management

How organisational development can improve your company's productivity

Organisational development is a new concept that aims to improve business productivity. Click here to understand OD and to know the benefits.

Jazmin Lopez • 09 Jan 2024

Leave management

Everything you need to know about holiday carryover

The process of managing and requesting time off doesn't have to be stressful. Discover how to manage your employees holiday carryover more efficiently.

Jazmin Lopez • 05 Sep 2023

Employee Management

A guide to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? Who needs it, and what are the benefits? Get all the answers to these questions in our complete guide.

Jazmin Lopez • 30 Sep 2020

HR automation

The top 5 advantages of using HR software

HR Software can help your company save time and resources as well as motivate your employees. Find out how in this article.

Jazmin Lopez • 17 Sep 2020

Employee Management

7 management styles: Which one suits you best?

Which of these 7 management styles will lead to the optimal results? Learn about their pros and cons with this complete guide.

Jazmin Lopez • 09 Sep 2020

Company culture

A complete guide to the different leadership styles

Leadership is a learning process that takes trial and error. Get ideas and refine your style with this complete guide to the different leadership styles.

Jazmin Lopez • 02 Sep 2020

Employee Management

The importance of competitive employee benefits

If you've found great employees, you want to keep them. Read on to learn the importance of competitive employee benefits for your business.

Jazmin Lopez • 26 Aug 2020

Leave management

Understanding payment in lieu of notice (PILON)

PILON happens when a contract is terminated and the employee receives compensation instead of staying the notice period. Learn how to manage it.

Jazmin Lopez • 12 Aug 2020

HR automation

7 surprising benefits of using a document management system

Learn the benefits of a document management system and how it will reduce your company's carbon footprint and costs.

Jazmin Lopez • 07 Jul 2020

Leave management

Bereavement leave: everything you need to know

Want to learn everything there is to know about bereavement leave? Find out the details about compassionate leave and its legal regulations.

Jazmin Lopez • 04 Mar 2020