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Data & Analytics

10 HR KPIs you should know

Discover more about HR KPIs, which ones to track, and how to help you identify potential issues and ensure your employees are productive and engaged.

Fabian Dürbeck • 14 Mar 2024
HR automation

Time tracking and data protection: Data protection-compliant solution explained

Secure time recording for companies: Importance of data protection, challenges and tips for a DSGVO-compliant time recording.

Lea Walden • 17 Feb 2024
HR automation

10 benefits of a time tracking software

Time tracking software brings many advantages - for employers and employees. Learn more about it today!

Fabian Dürbeck • 14 Feb 2024
HR automation

HR Outsourcing: Pros and cons

Is it worthwhile for your company to outsource HR processes or are there other alternatives you can turn to? Learn more.

Frederieke Cirksena • 19 Aug 2023
HR automation

The top 5 advantages of using HR software

HR Software can help your company save time and resources as well as motivate your employees. Find out how in this article.

Jazmin Lopez • 17 Sep 2020
HR automation

How much does HR software cost?

The total cost of HR software is not always obvious. Hidden costs can lead to unpleasant surprises. Learn more about what you should look out for.

Monika Slawinska • 12 Aug 2020
HR automation

7 surprising benefits of using a document management system

Learn the benefits of a document management system and how it will reduce your company's carbon footprint and costs.

Jazmin Lopez • 07 Jul 2020
Data & Analytics

HR reports: how to get started with HR analytics

Enable HR professionals to make data driven decisions and discover how HR reports are the essential key to understanding HR analytics.

Aude Creveau • 15 Jan 2020
HR automation

The benefits of an employee self-service system

Employee self-service (ESS), helps companies to work efficiently and save valuable working time. Explore its benefits.

Jazmin Lopez • 20 Nov 2019
HR automation

7 reasons why you should be using a time tracking app

A time tracking app ensures that you accurately take the total work hours of the employees into account and consequently save costs. Learn more.

Jazmin Lopez • 23 Oct 2019

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