Recruitee by Tellent now offers LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration

min Published on 07 May 2024

It’s here. The wait is over. One of the all-time most-requested features from Recruitee by Tellent customers is now available: LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect.

With over one billion users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is an invaluable platform for HR and People teams across all industries worldwide. 

The integration between LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruitee, the award-winning Applicant Tracking System (ATS) gives unrivaled oversight of the end-to-end candidate hiring process. 

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect not only boosts and improves collaborative hiring but also improves the candidate experience. The integration seamlessly syncs real-time candidate data, streamlines workflows, and eliminates tedious tasks, freeing you up to forge better connections with qualified candidates. 

It is also a major timesaver, solving the challenge of toggling between different systems. Studies indicate that recruiters can save up to 15 hours per month by utilizing the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration with their ATS — that’s nearly two days’ worth of time reclaimed!

We work tirelessly to simplify the lives of Recruitee users, and this latest integration is a significant step in that journey. LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect makes the entire recruitment process simpler and more efficient.  

When toggling between Recruitee and LinkedIn Recruiter, it’s easy for you and your team to overlook crucial details. You can’t be sure whether a colleague has already evaluated a potential candidate or if the candidate has applied for other positions within your organization, leading to ineffective candidate communications. Now you can! 

Having access to real-time candidate data through LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect provides an aerial view of every candidate’s history, minimizing the risk of duplicate outreach. Direct access to LinkedIn Recruiter also allows you to instantly validate skills and experience, whittling down potentials into qualified leads. 

With the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration, you can rest assured that you have the information you need to make the most informed decisions — every time.

Key features of LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect:

  • Save time 
  • Make faster, more informed decisions
  • Collaborate efficiently

Partnerships and integrations are key components to deliver the service that HR leaders and People teams need to make their lives easier. We’re incredibly proud of the network we’ve created to provide a 360-degree service that not only provides solutions for your challenges today but also anticipates the challenges of tomorrow.

We’ve built the largest HR Tech ecosystem in Europe. Our users have access to hundreds of free integrations through the Tellent Marketplace. Whatever your needs across the entire employee lifecycle, if either one of our products — Recruitee, KiwiHR, or Javelo — doesn’t fit the bill, you can be certain to find an integration that does.

As with all integrations, LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect is available at no additional cost for Recruitee users. This marks the addition of another LinkedIn integration within the Tellent Marketplace, which sits alongside hundreds of free integrations that ensure a recruiter’s needs are met — whatever they might be!

Ready to integrate? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to syncing LinkedIn Recruiter with Recruitee. Please note that the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration is available only to LinkedIn Recruiter seatholders.


 “We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of this integration with LinkedIn Recruiter. Recruiters will benefit greatly from the improved functionality, whereby they can filter LinkedIn search results to prioritize and engage key candidates within our ATS.”

Lodewijk de Stoppelaar, Chief Commercial Officer at Tellent

“To continually provide the best software for our clients, we run multiple pulse surveys throughout the year to ensure we’re always delivering on the current and future needs of People Teams. An integration with LinkedIn Recruiter was constantly featured, and it was, in fact, the second most requested update. It’s with great pride to announce that we’ve now made it available for all Recruitee users.” 

Marcin Moszyk, Chief Product Officer at Tellent

“LinkedIn’s Hiring integrations are driven by our partner ecosystem and we are excited to launch this integration with Recruitee by Tellent. We will continue to work closely with Tellent to provide solutions that deliver even more value for both customers and members.” 

Scott Roberts, Vice President, Business Development at LinkedIn

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