About Tellent

We solve enterprise problems using Open Source technology. Through us you gain access to many years of experience and professional networks at some of the worlds best technology companies. We have many years of experience with Java and Open Source solutions. The world of technology is constantly changing – we research new and better ways to do things. Trust is what matters most – we strive to be the best at what we do for the benefit of our customers.


Sometimes you just don't have the time to look into new technology even though it may save you time and money – we execute proof of concepts and bring cutting edge technologies to bear on your problems – for example we may use MongoDB for log management and real-time reports.


To solve problems we pick from the best of breed Open Source projects such as GlassFish , OpenESB and PostgreSQL and bring in commercial packages such as JavaCAPS, Oracle in a cost effective way.


We are experts in solving problems using Open Source – it is not only about having access to the code, it is about quicker time to market when you already have the building blocks, easy customization and most of all lower total cost by using our pre-built integration toolkits and applying our XIM methodology.


We are a small company who responds quickly to our customers needs but we have a wealth of large company, large problem experience behind us – scaling, tuning, building an ESB/EAI solution using JavaCAPS or OpenESB or a custom JavaEE app across healthcare, telecomm and other verticals.


I am the founder and CTO of Tellent. My philosophy is to work hard, work smart, create visibility and deliver the best results for my customers . I led the platform teams for the development of JavaCAPS and OpenESB both top enterprise products. Many of the large companies I worked for such as Sun, SeeBeyond and Oracle trusted me to deliver – I hope you will too.