Three HR tech products, one Talent Management Suite – Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo merge to become Tellent.

Author: Robbert Flipsen, CEO of Tellent

We have news – big news! We’re excited to announce that Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo are merging into one organization - Tellent.

We launched Tellent last September with a simple vision – to guide People leaders in creating a better world of work. After listening closely to the needs of HR teams, we realized we could further simplify the process for our customers.

One organization, one brand, and one Talent Management Suite means one contract, with one Customer Success experience, one unified sales journey, and one all-encompassing support center – all while having the advantages and solutions from all three leading HR tech solutions.

With over 300 talented employees operating from five countries, Tellent’s products now empower over 7,000 organizations worldwide. We’ve also built a growing network of more than 500 partners to become the world’s largest HR Tech ecosystem.

Our mission: To become the go-to platform for HR leaders to manage the full employee lifecycle.

“Given the strong connection and cultural alignment of Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo, joining forces under one brand makes a lot of sense,” says Femke Huijbers, VP of People & Culture at Tellent. “There have been many challenges to overcome, and the unwavering commitment of each of the three companies over the past few months is a testament to the strength of this unity.”

Why now?

We understand the challenges of modern Talent Management are multifaceted. We also understand that tools shouldn't be. By merging and aligning under one brand, we’ve ensured that Tellent has what our customers need when they need it.

By combining the cutting-edge solutions from Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo, Tellent helps organizations hire, manage, and retain talent seamlessly. Tellent has a state-of-the-art Application Tracking System, CoreHR Software, and Performance Management Software in one comprehensive suite.

“Tellent is bold and ambitious; its three great products rolled into one,” says Marcin Moszyk, Chief Product Officer at Tellent. “We’ve created a lean and united organization, positioned to lead three core markets – Recruitment and Hiring, HR Management, and Employee Experience – and, ultimately, answer the demands of our current and future customers. We’re confident this is the way forward.”

Our Customers

Existing Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo customers will continue to receive the outstanding service they know and love our products for. But they’ll now also be able to explore the full suite of products.

As a premier Talent Management Suite, we provide our customers with best-in-class HR Tech tools on the market. But we can now also pool our resources and drive innovation together. As a single organization and a complete ecosystem, we’re industry experts in recruitment, CoreHR, and employee experience. Together we can create synergies and remove all silos.

Tellent now also offers a more streamlined purchasing, support, and Customer Success service.

Our Partners

We’re preparing to lead three core markets, guiding HR leaders and organizations to create a better world of work. It’s great news for our partners, too. Access to the largest HR tech ecosystem means more opportunities, benefits for our partners' customers, and access to best-in-class HR solutions.

“By merging our three product lines into Tellent to create an HR tech ecosystem and a complete Talent Management Suite, we can better serve our current and future partners,” says Julien Matsis, VP of Partnerships at Tellent. “It’s an exciting moment for us, and we’re looking forward to attracting more lifelong partnerships.”

The Next Chapter

“Tellent is ready to revolutionize the HR Tech space,” says Perry Oostdam, Chairman of the Board at Tellent. “By merging Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo into Tellent, we’ve created a best-in-class Talent Management Suite that will drastically improve the lives of People leaders.”

Together, we’re stronger. Together, we can make the world of HR a better place.

About Tellent

Tellent, a premier Talent Management Suite, enables People teams to improve the full employee lifecycle with a cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System, Human Resources Management System, and Performance Management Software – all in one place.
With 300+ talented employees operating from six global locations, we've empowered over 7,000 organizations across 100+ countries with our leading HR tech solutions – Recruitee, KiwiHR, and Javelo. We have a growing network of over 300 partners, all committed to one vision: guiding all People leaders to create a better world of work.