Tellent Partner Awards 2023: The Winners! 

Author: Lodewijk de Stoppelaar, CCO at Tellent

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We love our partners! The Tellent Partner Awards are our way to say thank you in recognition of the exceptional contributions made by innovating the HR and Recruitment space together. Without our partners, we wouldn’t be able to support People teams as we do. Thank you!

It is with great pleasure to announce the winners of the Tellent Partner Awards 2023:


Technology Partner Award winners

Technology Partner Of The Year: HiBob

We love HiBob! Our customers have enjoyed a seamless core HR management experience thanks to HiBob’s people management platform and its solutions. HiBob encouraged close collaboration throughout the year on different initiatives with shared values and goals.

Nominees: AFAS, HiBob, BambooHR

Technology Partner Rising Star: TestGorilla

We love TestGorilla! The talent assessment tool has contributed valuable development feedback to our Assessment API, and TestGorilla has been a very supportive and approachable partner. We’ve had great collaborations, and our partnership continues to grow. 

Nominees: TestGorilla, Hireflix, Testifly

Technology Partner Innovation Award: LinkedIn

We love LinkedIn! The global leader in talent solutions has encouraged us to build and improve our integrations in new and innovative ways. LinkedIn has continued to provide excellent support and clear communication that has helped us create top-quality multiple integrated products.

Nominees: LinkedIn, Selection Lab, ADP Workforce Now

Benelux Solution Partner Award winners

Benelux Solution Partner of the Year: De Selectie

We love De Selectie! Our 2022 Rising Star winner continues to impress with its strong commitment to our partnership. De Selectie, a deployment specialist in recruitment marketing and full-service recruitment, has shown great initiative this year and organized many workshops and events to evangelize high-performing recruitment.

Nominees: De Selectie, ViePeople, De Wervingsfabriek

Benelux Solution Partner Rising Star: FairSterk

We love FairSterk! Since joining the program, the recruitment specialist has shown great skill and initiative with both the Recruitee software and our partnership. Fairsterk has also been keen to work together on numerous workshops and knowledge sessions. 

Nominees: WeAreKeen, FairSterk, PeopleMastermind 

Benelux Solution Partner Innovation Award: Matchlab

We love Matchlab! The expert in all things recruitment, from attraction campaigns to ATS implementation, has taken our partnership from strength to strength,  delivering many successful projects throughout the year. Matchlab has also incorporated various Recruitee services onto its website, showcasing their expertise.

Nominees: Recruitment Builders, Qnis, Matchlab

DACH Solution Partner Award winners

DACH Solution Partner of the Year: Aramaz Digital

We love Aramaz Digital! The recruitment agency for bakeries is incredibly engaged with Recruitee and valued by their transparent feedback. They are the DACH leaders for customer referrals and already brought more than 100 new customer names to Recruitee.

Nominees: eTo Personalmarketing, Aramaz Digital, DEDO Media

DACH Solution Partner Rising Star: PixelMechanics

We love PixelMechanics! This partnership hit the ground running, and the e-commerce enabler is committed to building a successful relationship. PixelMechanics has been vocal about our partnership and already opened the door to several new clients. We’re confident that this partnership will continue to grow in 2024. 

Nominees: Fokus Digital, PixelMechanics, Hein & Kollegen

DACH Solution Partner Innovation Award: Holztrattner Consulting

We love Holztrattner Consulting! The industry and mechanical engineering recruitment expert was our first DACH partner to adopt the Tellent mindset. They are a fully certified service partner and have also shown great creativity with new collaborative ways to acquire new customers. Their content creation for the industry has proven incredibly valuable.

Nominees: Holztrattner Consulting, viind GmbH, Ruhr Solutions

French Solution Partner Award winners

French Solution Partner of the Year: PeopleSpheres

We love PeopleSpheres! The HR management system provider has consistently developed its partnerships with both Javelo and Recruitee – and now Tellent. It’s a long-standing partner and one we’re incredibly proud of.

French Solution Partner Rising Star: People Square

We love People Square! A truly disruptive consultancy agency that continually exceeds customer expectations. In a short time, the partnership has grown a lot, and we can’t wait to see what this collaboration will bring us next!

French Solution Partner Innovation Award: Agence Wat

We love Agence Wat! It is one of the largest independent HR agencies in France and a crucial partner for Tellent. Its innovative approach to content, social media, and the recruitment experience makes us very excited to keep growing this partnership.

A big congratulations to all the winners of the Tellent Partner Awards 2023! Together, we enable People teams to improve the full employee lifecycle with best-in-class HR software.

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